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Sleepless 2024 Programme
Artist Applications

Sleepless Footscray Festival is a non-profit community arts festival celebrating Western region talent in music, performance, installation, and visual art. 

The two-week festival boasts a diverse array of events, including day festival-style music shows, immersive experiences, shop front activations, Extended Reality (XR) works, theatre, comedy, film screenings, and art installations. 


Following the resounding success of the 2021 and 2023 editions, Sleepless Festival is now seeking applications for the 2024 edition which will run between 4 May and 19 May 2024...  


There are two application categories available: 

  • Performances (up to $1,100): for performances of music, theatre or comedy; or immersive experiences;

  • Installations (up to $550): for installations and visual arts. 

We are looking for unique projects that showcase the diversity of Western region and wider Melbourne.


Selected projects will benefit from marketing, a supply of volunteers to assist with your event, assistance with venue selection, and mentorship.


If you are interested in applying, please read the further information and apply at the form link.  




Further information 

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a diverse range of performances and installations from artists, with a focus on artists who are mostly based in the City of Maribyrnong or the Western region. However we welcome applications from artists from any location.  


We encourage applications from artists who are Aboriginal, culturally and linguistically diverse, LGBTQI+ and/or who have a disability. 


Sleepless Footscray Festival 2023 featured over 80 artists across two weeks. Please view the previous programme here.


What do I need to provide?



Successful applicants will be required to identify, secure and pay for their own venue. We do not require the venue to be secured before the application, but it is best if you have had a conversation with a venue owner about your project beforehand. 


We may also propose an alternative location in line with our Shopfront Activations Initiative, which seeks to hold events in unused shopfronts and buildings within the Footscray CBD. We favour the use of unconventional spaces from applicants, so feel free to propose several sites within Footscray CBD and bear this approach in mind when completing your proposal. If successful, we will work with you to identify and obtain the best venue for your project.


Successful applicants will also be responsible for all costs relating to the performances. The Sleepless Festival grant will be the final amount paid and no further funding will be provided. 


Who is responsible for ticket sales?

Ticket sales will be managed by Sleepless Festival. Sleepless Festival will pay all ticket sales, minus any administration costs to the key contact of successful applications.  


How will my event be promoted?

Sleepless Festival will include all successful performances as part of overall festival promotion. Successful applicants will also be responsible for promoting their own events and should include a short marketing plan in their application.


What should I outline in the budget template?

Budgets should detail all sources of income, costs and in-kind income and expenses. The Sleepless grant ($1,100) should be included as part of your income. 


When will I be paid? 

Funding will be paid upon successful completion of the event. 

What if my work is not ready yet? 

If you have a grand idea, we would still love to hear from you. Please contact to be considered for the 2025 festival. 




Where will my work be displayed? 

Sleepless Footscray Festival 2024 preferences the use of public space for performance and installation and aims to use a variety of shopfronts in the Footscray CBD.  

Sleepless Footscray Festival can provide a range of installation spaces and will work with successful applicants to identify appropriate locations. Works that show strong consideration for the surrounding environment and community interaction will be highly regarded.


Past locations include Metro West Mall, Trocadero Arcade and 145 Nicholson Street, Footscray. 


When will I be paid? 

Funding will be paid upon successful completion of the installation.  


How will my installation be promoted?

Sleepless Festival will include all successful performances as part of overall festival promotion. Artists are expected to promote their work in conjunction with Sleepless Festival.

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