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Welcome to Sleepless, a spellbinding Festival of public art and space activation nestled in the vibrant heart of Footscray, Victoria. From May 3rd to 19th, we invite you to embark on a captivating journey through the eclectic landscape of arts and culture that defines our beloved community.

At Sleepless, we reimagine Footscray's CBD by transforming dormant shopfronts and forgotten indoor spaces into vibrant hubs of creativity. These repurposed venues become the canvas for a dazzling array of events, including mesmerizing music performances, thought-provoking interactive art installations, captivating film festivals, captivating art galleries, and mesmerizing performance art pieces.

Our festival is a tribute to the rich tapestry of Footscray's community, celebrating its diversity, vibrancy, and boundless creativity. Here, you'll encounter the weird, the wild, and the beautiful manifestations of Melbourne's thriving arts scene, set against the equally enchanting backdrop of Footscray's heart.

Supported by Maribyrnong City Council, Sleepless is a testament to Footscray's transformation into a dynamic creative and social hub, welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds. From the break of dawn to the twilight hours and beyond, Sleepless beckons you to explore, engage, and connect with the pulsating energy of Footscray.

Join us as we rally around the spirit of Sleepless, discovering the hidden gems, forging new connections, and embracing the magic that defines Footscray's essence. Come, immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience where creativity knows no bounds and community thrives at every turn.

This is Sleepless Festival—where Footscray comes alive with creativity, culture, and endless possibilities.

Sleepless 2024 partners and sponsors

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