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Deep in the darkness of winter, Sleepless brings life to the night...

From June 17th to July 1st 2023, the Footscray CBD becomes a playground of pop-up festivities and events. 

A joint initiative of Stargazed Productions and the Maribyrnong City Council, Sleepless is a community arts festival which puts on display the artistic talents and expressive identity of the Footscray community.

Explore the creative arts in the heart of Footscray as the inaugural festival season of Sleepless celebrates the community and imagination of the West.

See hidden alleys transform into inviting nightscapes, familiar venues host adventurous events, and unused buildings reimagined as creative hubs of art and performance.

Shops open up at night to host workshops and parties, while theatre, music, art and entertainment activate public spaces as locations for joy and learning. 

Be welcomed by the wonder in the West, bring life to the night, indulge your curiosities, savour the magic of Sleepless


The creators of Sleepless would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their support and assistance in the festival's Production:

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