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Cafe Play!

Ongoing: Book Online
SLEEPLESS Festival Hub
170 Nicholson St, Footscray

‘Cafe Play!’ is a fun and interactive show for an audience of one! In this 30-minute show you will meet your new “best friend", plan the event of the season where your decisions matter and are key to how the story unfolds. 

Add your own personal touches and influence the story where you’re the reason that no two shows are ever the same! 

Cafe Play! is a one of a kind experience for you and your new “best” friend that all plays out in a real Footscray bar, a secret slice of theatre, you’re the only one that knows it’s happening! 

This light-hearted comedy makes you feel a part of the action and leaves you with that excited, tingly feeling.

Performed by Pearce Hessling & Catherine Holder of Little Dirt Path, this show is the only one of its kind.

Content warning - sensory issues:

This performance contains use of scented essential oil spray. Please advise staff of any allergies.


Please allow for 10 minutes of walking time from the hub to the venue.

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