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Nocturnal Film Festival

22nd & 25th June
SLEEPLESS Festival Hub, 170 Nicholson St Footscray

Presented over two evenings, Nocturnal Film Festival celebrates Melbourne filmmakers' darker side. 

Each program features a selection of weird and wonderful films by Melbourne filmmakers. Films may contain nudity, violence, gore, strong language, drug use, horror and dark humour (all the good stuff!) so viewer discretion is advised.

Both sessions will be followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers, and audiences will have the chance to vote for their favourite entrant - with the winner receiving a 12 month discount on equipment hire from Rentyhouse!

June 22nd: Nocturnal Music Videos

  • People Like Me - Cry Club (Eva Otsing)

  • Nomadland - Romanie (Brandy Leonard)

  • Too Broke For Coke - The DMTeasers (Alex Mansell)

  • Circles - George Alice (Zoee Marsh, Daniel Bolt)

  • Nothing Wrong With That - Sahara Beck (Jack Rintoul)

  • Hummer - Juicy Romance (Charles Buxton Leslie)

  • Superfans! - Black Cab (Darcy Conlan)

  • Little Bit Strange - Dear Thieves (Jesse Jones)

  • Come To Me - The Illegal Opera (Harry van Venitie)

  • 40/40 Home - The CB3 (Zoee Marsh)

  • Mars - Marigolden (Nayomi Pattuwage)

  • Scared Angel - Sappho (Jordan Law)

June 25th: Nocturnal Shorts

  • The Seance - Melanie Killingsworth. "When Ashlee's boyfriend dies, her roommate Star decides to hold a seance."

  • The Wild Haggis - Anthony Ross. "A Scottish woodsman is driven mad in his hunt for the wee beastie that attacked him one night in the Highlands."

  • Cindalay - Stu Gallagher, Cindy Rodriguez. “On a stormy night on St Kilda Pier, The Fisher People find more than they bargained for.”

  • Unearthed - Bonnie Mcrae, John Erasmus. "Audrey uncovers something unknown - but somehow familiar - in her garden."

  • The Girl in the Gramophone - Klaus Banadinovich. “All Andrew wants is a change of scenery, but his new home has other ideas."

  • Dash - Willaim Qoro. "Set from the perspective of a car dashcam, a woman is driving home when she's flagged down by a suspicious stranger."

  • Garage Sale - Josiah Mioni. "As his parent’s marriage disintegrates, Patrick is dragged along to a Saturday morning garage sale."

  • The Last Bastion Of Reality - Dennis Murphy.
    "Footscray and Yarraville couldn't be more different. We've finally found out why."

  • Bloody Tradies - Andy Burkitt. "Three tradies are pushed to their limits on a reno job when they find the house is hanted by a demon."

Please note there is limited capacity at Sleepless Hub. To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking your FREE tickets in advance. Walk-ins are welcome if there is availability on the night.

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