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Fri June 30, 6pm-11pm
Footscray Baptist Church, 60 Paisley St, Footscray

ORGANICA is an event that explores the interplay between electroacoustic processes and the physicality of a church pipe organ. An evening of ambient, drone, sound art, installation and commune, featuring a line-up of collaborative performances by local artists.


Puscha + Genevieve Fry + Yaika Zoltan Fesco + Crumhorn  Knotting (Matt Sabbadini + Georgia Gamper) Pat Telfer + Sofia Carbonara + Helen Svoboda


Puscha is an ambient artist and film composer from Narrm/Melbourne. They create spacious soundscapes and musical impressions, pairing a minimalist compositional approach with a maximalist, cinematic sound. Taking wide influence from 20th century classical to kosmiche and world music, their music explores spatial and psychoacoustic modalities, with the aim of

provoking catharsis and deeper listening.

Community building is central to their practices. They have curated ambient music events and put together collaborative projects with artists such as Maria Moles, VYN, Cave in the Sky, Aarti Jadu, and many others. Their soundtrack work includes award winning documentaries on social issues, arthouse films, experimental video, multidisciplinary dance performance, and more.

They are deeply inspired by the natural world with concerns around preservation and

conservation, and draw from personal experiences such as being a part of an anti-whaling campaign in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica, as well as contributing to an International Eco-Cultural Tour in Mongolia.


Genevieve Fry is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Naarm/ Melbourne. Interested in exploratory music drawing inspiration from the natural world, their soundscapes encourage an inward journey touching on deep time, memory and sense of place. In both solo and collaborative contexts across the experimental, contemporary, and improvisation scenes, Genevieve envelopes the listener with harp, recorder, synthesizer and voice.

As well as being the principal composer for new-wave new-age project CHWH, Genevieve has performed and collaborated with some of this continent’s most acclaimed acts including King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (Hear My Eyes; Suspiria), Grand Salvo, Manisha Anjali, Outer Urban Projects and Geoffrey O’Connor as well as internationally based Taylor Mac (US) and Four Larks Theatre (US).

Genevieve is the co-founder of Eastmint artist run studios, record label and performance space which focuses on presenting and supporting music that promotes deep listening from a diverse range of artists across all genres. Eastmint has produced and presented 60 shows from artists such as Oren Ambarchi, Mary Lattimore (US), Jonnine, Lori Goldston (US), Maria Moles, Penelope Trappes (UK), Joe Talia and co-presented shows with Mistletone, Nice Music, Omniversal Hum and Brunswick Music Festival. Eastmint Records has 9 releases to date from artists such as On Diamond, Oliver Mann, Crush Crush (Aviva Endean / Evelyn Ida Morris) and CHWH.


Yaika, a name born in a dream, weaves harp with synthesisers and electronic effects to create a meditative, emotive and intimate dreamscape. It is the project of harpist and synthesist Ingrid Zibell.

As a fearless eight-year-old Ingrid fell in love with music, first via piano and then the harp. She became a lifelong songwriter and studied the harp at the Melbourne Conservatorium. On a trip abroad she encountered her first synthesiser, which began a new passion for electronic music and sound.

Ingrid's diverse musical career includes time in orchestras, rock bands, cinematic instrumental ensembles and alt-folk groups. She has also featured on a number of recordings.


George Worthy is multi-disciplinary Melbourne based artist who specialises in woodwind, electro-acoustic composition, improvisation and textile design. George is informed by his classical and jazz

influences of his formative years and his passion for deep listening practices. Improvisation and the re-imagining of form inspire his multi-disciplinary practice in all its facets. Connection to the human condition, environment and deep listening inform and propel his creative work.

He studied classical bassoon and composition at ANU, School of Music and Sound Art (Honours) at RMIT. He continues to explore, study, experiment, extend, and deepen his love for sound as a medium of communication.

He has released 3 full length solo albums under the moniker Crumhorn and collaborates with numerous and varied artists throughout Melbourne and internationally.


Zoltan Fecso is a composer and artist. His work with sound is realised through musical and non-musical contexts, solo and ensemble recordings, public artworks and sound installations.

Zoltan's music can be found on Longform Editions (AU), Hush Hush Records (USA), Shimmering Moods (NL) and Whitelab Records (UK). He has performed and presented work at festivals, venues and galleries in Australia and Europe, including the Melbourne Recital Centre, Jolt Sonic Arts Festival, Jan Herman Ridderbos Gallery in France and FestivALT in Poland.


Knotting is the collaborative project of electronic artist Matt Sabbadini (Third Space) and experimental vocalist Georgia Gamper (Things Unsaid). Born of an urge to explore the contrasts and similarities of both artist’s music, the duo create works of manipulated voice complemented by electro-acoustics and synthesis. Intimate whisperings stay tight-knit with modular embrace; a timbral dream emerging.


Lloyd Barrett creates work as a sound artist, and audio visual installation artist. His work explores networked systems designed to create organic, evolving and emergent interactions between natural phenomena and machine systems.

Much of Lloyd’s work is approached programmatically and embodies concepts derived from modular synthesizer patching and computer programming, such as feedback, push-pull interactions, logic, recursion and mathematic relations. Drawing on his background as a musician, sound designer, video artist and maker, he creates sensory access points throughout these systems to interface with an audience.

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