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Null Sum - by Blake Dearman

Installation: May 4th - 19th, 12pm - 8pm
Metro West, 47 Paisley Street, Footscray

Blake Dearman's installation Null Sum draws its inspiration from the debate surrounding the legitimacy and ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool for art making.

Original analogue-made (still) images have been fed into two different AI models, each altering the handmade images in different ways, based on a variety of influence material and parameters.

One of the models creates infinite variations of an image, which are influenced by an audio input, a text-based prompt, and the embedded biases of the model. These images have been arranged to appear in sequence, as a montage. The audio has been omitted for this showing.

The second model emulates the movements of a video camera, warping and moving around a still-image, all the while inventing the peripheries of its imagined scene.

The artists have had control over the instructions that were fed into the models, however much of the influence on the outcome of these models comes from artists who are ignorant to their contribution. This arguably removes their autonomy, and any claim over authorship.

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