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Do. Happen.

Sun June 18, 2pm-4pm
Sleepless Festival Hub - 170 Nicholson Street

Virtuoso trumpeter and piano player Liam O’Neill presents an improvisational and multi-disciplinary event exploring chance. 

To truly happen is to experience a moment purely. At a certain point one must choose to do this. 

In order to fully embrace this moment one must let go of their attachments. 

This space will begin with sound, a vibration. 

Throughout the course of the performance, the audience will begin to realise the space between them and the performers become smaller until it dissipates. This idea is a challenge to previous models of performance. 

Spearheaded by piano and trumpet virtuoso Liam O'Neill, and accompanied by a stellar cast of musicians including jake hamill and visual artist Alanna Baxter, Do. Happen is a defiance of the separation between not only performer and audience, but duality as a whole...

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