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Conduit - LIVE AV Performance by Xenosine

June 17, 8pm
Conduit - LIVE AV Performance by Xenosine
Metro West Art Installations - 47 Paisley St Footscray


Vijay Thillaimuthu's work explores electromagnetic waves as the basis for expression in multiple sensory modalities through synergistic approaches with technology. This is largely enabled through the open ended architecture of modular synthesisers, devices born of an assemblage of voltage generation/manipulation tools that despite their primary purpose of sound generation, share more in common with electronic testing equipment than traditional musical instruments.

Amongst a range of diverse outcomes, Vijay Thillaimuthu has presented work for Unsound, the Melbourne International Film Festival, Liquid Architecture, What is Music Festival, the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Arts House, Red Bull Music Festival, The Substation, Arts Centre Melbourne, Otherfilm, the Now now Festival, The Banff Centre Canada and the Tokyo Festival of Modular.

Nikhil James Arlo

Nikhil James Arlo is an Anglo-Indian artist based in Naarm. Working through sculpture, photography and performance, they explore relationships between, place, object and body, and the intra-action of these elements, or forces. In a chosen site, they seek out histories and functionality to host these traces and implicit presences. Through this they amplify and channel the situational site to explore their energy, identity and sense of dimensionality. 

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