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Bud of Love Wine Bar

June 17, 7pm till late
Bud of Love Wine Bar
251 Barkly St, Footscray

Declan James

Declan James first joined PBS 106.7FM Melbourne family in 2015. He began filling in for some of the station's biggest programs before getting the chance to produce and present his own show, The Mothership. These four hours were dedicated solely to bringing uncut funk to the masses every fortnight.

Wrapping up the show has allowed him to become a more versatile fill-in selector on the PBS grid. He continues to share everything from heartbreaking country to mind-bending electronica, and even serves as a semi-regular presenter on the Sunday morning Gospel Show. However, when the stars align and Declan gets the opportunity to return to the DJ booth, he cannot help but take the chance to return to his funk roots.

Embark on a musical journey with Declan James. From infectious rhythms to melodies that have been sampled time and time again, Declan's dynamic set will take you for a journey through a funkadelic sound.

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