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64 Ways of Being - Night Arcade - Troy Innocent / Aaron Martin

Visible 24 hours. Arcade open until 8pm every day.
119 Hopkins St Footscray

A collaboration between two artists: 64 Ways of Being founder Troy Innocent and Five Walls and Arcade Projects founder Aaron Martin. 64 Ways of Being - Night Arcade activates a forgotten 1960's shopping arcade with a painting installation and augmented reality coded artworks. 

The experience is continued on the building's facade where augmented reality coded artworks are installed on large scale lightboxes that offer an opportunity to engage with the art after dark. 64 Ways of Being - Night Arcade offers a carefully considered the audience experience that is immersive and engaging. 

64 Ways of Being - Night Arcade is available daily but best enjoyed after hours (note Arcade access is available to 8pm) (Lightboxes available daily but best viewed after dark) please note - the 64 ways of being app is a free download.

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