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Immersive Sound Journeying

June 28 & 29, Book Online
SLEEPLESS Festival Hub
170 Nicholson St, Footscray

A multi disciplinary event that explores the crossovers of transcendence and sound. By combining the sound bathing and installation modalities, Ash Di Va and Troy Rainbow create a space where your inner experience of sound is the focal point.

A heightened curation of the senses that entwines connection with non human life and how they can merge with sound. Multi channel soundscapes of animals, land and seascapes merge with intense and exotic aroma. A range of plant smells weaves seamlessly with acoustic instruments and elements of nature. Exploratory vocal methods get you lost within them - a highly stimulating yet soothing aural experience.

This will be an open space to let go to deep relaxation and a transcendental sound experience. Close your eyes. There are no guarantees of what will happen, but come as you are, and you will have the chance to explore your inner realm.

Each session has a strict capacity of 5 people.

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