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From Now Om

Fri June 23, 7:30pm-8:45pm
Footscray Baptist Church, 60 Paisley St, Footscray


  • Vinod Prasana (Bansuri)

  • Sangeet Mishra (Sarangi)

  • Leo Dale (Soprano Sax)

Set in the gorgeous Footscray Baptist Church, From Now OM is an audio-visual performance, incorporating a chord created from singing the first six notes of the harmonic series at the beginning of the performance.

This cathedral of sounds acts as a sonic backdrop to performances by three master melody creators: Vinod Prasanna on bansuri and Sangeet Mishra on sarangi (both from Varanasi) together with Leo Dale on soprano saxophone. Weaving melodies and harmonies on these three instruments with the sole purpose of diving into a pool of deep peace.

Bathe yourself in this sea of multicultural melody, set against the slow motion nature films will be projected throughout to further enhance the experience of slowing down to the speed of love.

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