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23rd june

from now om


• Vinod Prasana (Bansuri)

• Sangeet Mishra (Sarangi)

• Leo Dale (Soprano Sax)

30th june organica 

17th June

Stargazed Winter Festival Live Music Safari

Free Music across Footscray 6PM onwards


• Jambo (Yusupha Ngum and the Affia Band)

• Mama Chens (A night celebrating Footscray’s Asian music culture)

• Bud Of Love (Funk/soul DJs)

• Sloth Bar (DJ Phatoamano)

• Footscray Records (Citizen Zane and Hearts & Rockets)

• Footscray Hotel (a night of heavy and punk music Open)

• Sleepless – The Stargazed Festival Hub

(Experimental night curated by Static Open)

• Half Naked Almost Famous

• Counterweight Vinyl and Espresso

• Mr. West

• Baby Snakes

*With street performers and Buskers in Nicholson St Mall



1st July 
Carpal Tunnel Single Launch + Stargazed Records Showcase at Mamma Chens From 8pm


Eccentric Post Punk heroes Carpal Tunnel launch their latest single,
complete with a multimedia performance and support from fellow Stargazed
Record stable mates Genuine Fake and Town Ace.

Theatre Program

23rd June –

The Full Hour Show 

At Kindred Studios

From 8pm


Did you know Melbourne has its own Jimmy Fallon?
This live talk show hosts the best acts from the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne.

Encapsulate yourself within stories from Australia’s most influential
speakers, score front row seats to the best underground bands and roar with
laughter to the most renowned comedians this country has to offer.

Cafe Play!

Ongoing: Book Online


Café Play is a one-of-a-kind experience that will force you out of your comfort zone and invert the ‘audience-actor’ boundaries that you’ve become accustomed to.

In this 30-minute show you will meet your new “best friend" at one of
Footscray’s many
bars, plan the event of the season where your decisions
matter and are key to how the story unfolds. Add your own personal touches
and influence the story, you’re the reason that no two shows are ever the same!
Cafe Play!

17th June –



Interested and non-interested parties gather at a certain location on a certain date and time, but what is not certain is what may occur and who is or is not participating. What makes this occasion an event and what is it to participate ?

Does this mean that whoever happens to be present at that location at that
time is a participant in an event marked by the specifics of time and place ?

What separates the location and the start and end times from adjacent
locations and times ? Where and when precisely are the boundaries of place
and time ?

Who is cleaving time and place and for what purpose? Of the co-occurring actions, stories and trajectories jostling en route which one(s) constitute the specified event INTERSECTION


During the dates of the festival, several sites and shops will be activated.


• Several Nicholson St Shops
• Sleepless – The Stargazed Festival Hub (41 Paisley St)

• Trocadero Arcade
• Five Walls Gallery Windows




Throughout the Festival, Sleepless – The Stargazed Festival Hub at 41 Paisley St, Footscray will have a series of ‘Sleepless Happenings’ – experimental performances, works-in-progress, and immersive experiences from Footscray’s most daring emerging artists.

Exhibiting Artists

• Thembi Soddell (Ticketed Immersive audio experience)
• Vijay Thillaiimuthu (Interactive Audio-Visual Installation)
• Charlotte Vignau (Sculputre)
• Nikhil James Arlo (Sculpture and Performance)
• Blake Dearman (Video Art Triptych)
• Carla Zimbler (Video Art Projection)
• Paredolia Mason (Multimedia and VR installation)
• Troy Innocent (Augmented Reality and AV Installation)
• Paul Thomas (Projection Art)

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